Thursday, January 28, 2010

E-mails are terrible things I decided that because I am a soon to be graduate I need to get myself a professional e-mail address. I still have my one from my freshman year of high school and I have my school account but unfortunately that one expires 6 months after graduation.

I go onto gmail at the beginning of the summer but I can't find a prefessional sounding user name. My friend Jon suggests I try, which to me just seems like the professional version of hotmail. I get on, I get a good user name and then I find that is exactly like hotmail. (BTW...I don't particularily care for hotmail.)

So now I find myself trying gmail again. I finally get a professional user name that I like and pays tribute to the grandfather I was named after and I'm set. I set up the mailbox and the google calander (which by the way is one of the coolest things ever!). Then I go to sign into my bolg and I'm stuck. I typed every email address and pasword I've ever had and I still can't get into it.

Guess what?! I have 6 different e-mail address and 6 differnt passwords! None of which worked!

Apparently, I can actually use my hotmail or my live e-mails to access my blog and the google calander along with my gmail. Confused yet? Me too!

I am stuck in the predicament as to which e-mail accounts I should close. My hotmail one gets all the junk mail, my live is the new one everyone has, my school one will get rid of it's self eventually. the gmail one is new, my work one has to stay until I leave the job and the Habitat for Humanity one stays until I graduate and pass the account to the next person.

When did life get so complicated? I remember sending actual paper letters to my firends and families...those were way better because you could add stickers to the envelopes.

Maybe I should just get rid of them all...